Why you Need Medical Payments Coverage

At Anderson and Lopez we always recommend that you purchase Medical Payments Coverage on your auto insurance policy. This holds true even though you may be injured due to the fault of another or if you have health insurance coverage. Medical Payments Coverage also known as “MedPay” pays all bills, up to the extend of the coverage, for care and treatment for injuries sustained as a result of the use of a motor vehicle. Payment is made before fault is even established and fault does not matter.

Using Medical Payments Coverage correctly can make all the difference in helping you make a speeding recovery from injuries sustained in auto accidents as well as assuring you are properly compensated. It is a great way to make sure you can get all the treatment you need without delay. If you don’t already have this coverage we encourage you to look into adding it as soon as possible. If you’ve been hurt in an accident call Anderson & Lopez at (719) 471-1818 and let an attorney with over 30 years of experience personally handle your claim. We’ve got your back!