Loss of Future Earning Capacity

If you are injured in an auto accident you are entitled to be compensated for all your losses including loss of future earning capacity. Injuries due to auto accidents can have far reaching effects. Injuries can affect not only your work ability immediately after the accident but also in the near and distant future. Loss of Future Earning Capacity is not always easy to identify. If you have permanent restrictions that prevent you from doing all the physical activities you might need for employment this can result in a loss of future earning capacity. To identify whether you might have a loss of future earning capacity it is often necessary to incorporate a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will analyze your education, skills, training and experience to determine your pre-accident ability to be employed. The counselor will then apply your accident related physical restrictions to determine whether you will suffer a loss of earning capacity in the future. Don’t miss out on this valuable benefit; know your rights.