What is important when searching for an Injury Attorney?

Selecting the right attorney can be a difficult, but important decision. Not all attorneys are the same. Different attorneys have different ways of dealing with clients as well as navigating a case through the system. Some important things to look for when choosing an attorney are:

  • Reputation and Integrity. Ask someone you know and trust if they know the attorney. Do you feel the attorney will be open and honest with you. You need to feel comfortable in this regard before you hire any attorney.  The right lawyer for you is one that shares your principles, concerns and goals.  Don’t base you decision on what you might see in a TV ad. 
  • Experience. Does the attorney have significant hands-on experience.  There is just no substitute for years of experience as an injury attorney.  If you are talking to someone other than the attorney that will be representing you, you need to ask who will ultimately be representing you and how much experience they have.  Sometimes the attorneys you see on TV are not the attorneys you will work with or even meet.
  • Results. Ask the attorney about prior settlements and awards.  It is important to see just how the attorney has handled similar cases in the past.  As most cases are settled, ask the attorney their plan for your case. 
  • Communication. Make sure you find an attorney who will take your calls and spend the time to explain matters to you.  If you find it difficult to be able to speak with the attorney you might just want to keep looking. The attorney you chose should be willing to sit down with you before they are hired and discuss your case and the representation. 
  • Fees. It is extremely important to talk to the attorney regarding their fees.  Most attorneys practicing injury law are willing to represent you based on a contingency fee basis.  Make sure you understand just how this fee works before you hire any attorney. 

If you are injured in an accident you need to make sure you get an attorney you can trust and who will work for you. At Anderson & Lopez we are happy to sit down and talk directly with you with no charge or obligation and let you decide. 

Jim Anderson & Rick Lopez stand in front of Pikes Peak