Should I use my Health Insurance in an Auto Accident Claim?

It is important to use your health insurance with medical providers after an accident even if you have a high deductible. Most Health Insurance Carriers have contracts with many providers. Pursuant to these contracts the providers must provide treatment for a contracted rate as opposed to reasonable and customary charges which are usually 3 times higher than the contracted rate. The at fault party is ultimately responsible for damages you are caused due to their negligence and the measure of damages for medical care received is the reasonably and customary charges not the amount actually paid. The law is written so that the negligent party that wrongfully causes your injuries does not get the benefits of premiums you pay for your health insurance. This holds true even if you health insurance is Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Tricare or any other private health carrier. Knowing your rights and how to use the different insurances you might have can really make a difference. If you have been hurt in an accident call as at Anderson and Lopez at (719) 471-1818.